Frequently asked questions

Can I use the App to send photos to parents?

Currently, you can only add a photo locally on the child's profile page, and if you wish, you could change this daily using the app dashboard so parents can see a daily photo that way, however, you cannot send daily photos directly to parents using the system.
We took this feature out early on after reviewing safeguarding procedures. Whilst our Amazon Servers are secure, by putting a photo on the child's profile, that photo is stored locally on your device and then on your local cache. If you are taking photos and sending them, they are then out there on the 'cloud' and that specifically is what bodies like Ofsted don't like. 
This is good safeguarding practice to follow to protect nurseries using our system from any open scrutiny and ultimately the decision was made after a focus group with nurseries and also, based on case studies like Cherubs Nursery in February 2016.
Whilst we understand that this would be a great feature, and it was included at the beginning, the implications and ramifications of breaching safeguarding can have a really damning effect on nurseries and their funding, so we decided to mitigate any risk by not including that specific feature but allowing nurseries to use whatever photos they deem appropriate locally with whatever existing permissions they have in place. It is something we will continually review in consultation with our developers, inspection bodies and with feedback from providers as we go along and we will keep our users posted if things change.
* Update - We are currently working with our developers and the ICO to explore developing a dedicated photo section within Stork App - September 2017

Are users limited to the number of children we can have on the system?

There are no limits on numbers or usage, it’s unlimited and you can have different staff members and classes assigned too.

Can we put staff Rotas on the system?

It’s not built in but it is something we will look at developing with the team in the near future – perhaps into the dashboard at first and then into the staff side of the app.

Can we log Milestones?

Yes, although not specifically sectioned; you can add notes to the system to act as milestones each day or for when they occur and they’ll show on the report, or you could have the milestone as an activity and log them from the list as required.

Is the content fixed, or bespoke?

The system is entirely bespoke and we’ve left it up to individual settings to input all their different activities and meals or supplies which makes it their system.

Can we put extra charges on the invoice?

Yes, you put in the charges under the ‘supplies section’ - this is for charges like nappies or crayons etc – you assign a bespoke cost and just add it during the day from the app – the parent gets notified at the end of the day in their report as to how much they owe and what for and you can then issue the invoice from your admin dashboard whenever you’re ready.

Can we send push notifications to parents?

Yes, push notifications are automatically sent whenever an activity is recorded or the child is dropped off and picked up. You and the parent can control these and turn each one off as required. You can also send blanket push notifications to parents with notices, and parents will also be notified whenever you send them a message or post a news story.  This is a great feature because the parent will get a notification whenever anything is happening but can also access the live feed throughout the day, but also, they have control to turn them off so they aren’t bombarded.

Is it possible to create a paper copy of the child's record?

Yes, the report that parents get sent every day is also collated in your archive file on the dashboard – you can view it, print it or export it from there as required.