Real-time updates for childcare

A simple yet powerful way to log children's activity into a live feed, so parents and carers can see what their child is up to.

What we're about

We've put together a 60 second video to summarise what Stork App is about and how it can help

Stork App makes childcare-to-parent communication really easy. The app allows nurseries, childminders or even grandparents and babysitters who are looking after children to effortlessly and quickly log a child’s daily activity into a live feed which parents can then see in real-time feed on their smartphone or tablet.

The app can also handle billing, alerts and news updates and also helps to manage and maintain accurate inspection and reporting records.


Simple and easy to use, Stork-App isn’t another nursery management software system, Stork integrates easily into your daily routine and helps keep your focus on providing excellent customer experience by giving parents a real-time insight into their little one's day.

How it started

In 2015, our founder Rob put his son into nursery. Coming from a world of business improvement and process re-engineering, Rob started thinking it would be a good idea if there was an app that childcare providers could use to keep parents informed.

How we got going

Rob wanted an app that was simple and easy to use yet powerful and wasn't just another tracking app. So, Rob found a development team who shared his vision and things started coming together to develop the first version of Stork App.

Where we are

We're now proud to bring you Stork App; The powerful app that makes your life easier, helps you keep in touch with your nursery, childminder, or even grandparents and babysitters. Its range of powerful features are instinctively easy to use.

Discover the simplicity of Stork App and how it can make life easier for your team with a 10 day trial

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Product features

Five great features that make Stork App an amazing tool for childcare providers and parents

A real time feed of your child's day

Eliminate the worry and phone calls by getting an accurate and real-time log of a child's day from arrival to departure.

An easier way to communicate

Using the built in simple messaging system, parents can keep in touch with carers privately instead of packing notes in a bag.

Get automated, clear end of day reports

No more scribbled notes. Our system takes the real time report and generates a clear, stylish email summary of a child's day which is sent out automatically.

Stay on top of fees and costs

Carers can manage their fees and automatically create invoices and parents can keep on top of those costs and make payments. We can also add on costs of supplies.


What users are already saying about Stork App

"...amazing and makes home-time less stressful..."

— Nicole, Nursery Owner

"...a great way to see what my son is up to during the day..."

— Marie, Mum of one

"The daily reports mean I can open them in my own time and don't get scraps of paper to lose!"

— Lucy, Mum of one

"We love that parents can 'check in' with their children anytime"

— Steven, Childminder

"...smooth to use with a clean and clear layout..."

— Christine, Nursery Owner

"Just what I needed..."

— Rebecca, Childminder

"I love that I can see what I owe every day, get clear invoices and pay easily..."

— John, Dad of one

"...attractive and straightforward..."

— Danielle, Nursery Owner

Discover the simplicity of Stork App and how it can make life easier for your team with a 10 day trial

Try it now

Easy pricing

Simple and transparent with NO contracts, NO lock-ins, NO in-app purchases and NO upgrade costs


£5/mo +VAT

Or £52/year +VAT

Child profile
Activity log
No in-app purchase
Customisable features
Secure hosting



£9/mo +VAT

Or £95/year +VAT

Grandparent, plus...
Technical support
Multiple users



£19/mo +VAT

Or £200/year +VAT

Child-minder, plus...
Billing functions
Articles / news
Promotional video


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