Welcome to Stork App

Here's how to get started with our App

Stork app is tailored to individual childcare settings. You have access to a dashboard which controls everything within the app. The app is then used to update information and provide the communication with parents on a day-to-day basis. This guide will help you set everything up quickly so you can start using the app. Should you have any questions whilst setting up, call our team on 0800 776 5828.


Creating an account

Visit www.getstorkapp.com and click on ‘Register’ in the top right of the page.

Complete the required fields.



You will now have access to your ‘Dashboard.’ You can log in to this from the ‘log in’ menu on the getstorkapp website. From your dashboard, you can control all of Stork Apps features; add carers, manage accounts, add and manage child profiles, parent messaging, notices and events, billing and reports and more.



Adding a team member

You can now add your team or carers by clicking into the carers menu on the manage section and clicking ‘add a carer.’ Your team member will receive an email inviting them to use the app.



Create a class

You should now create a class and assign a carer to that class. This ensures that the children are assigned to the correct class or room and provides the carer access to the class.



Adding a child

Under the manage menu of the dashboard home-screen, click on ‘Children’ and the following menu appears.

You can now add a detailed child profile to the app by clicking ‘add a child’ The essential fields are used to cross reference security and for safeguarding when the parent downloads the app.

At this point, you should also add a parent to the child’s profile, and ensure you assign the child to a class – which will automatically link access to the carer in charge of that class within the app.



Adding a parent

Within the child details, click on ‘Parents & Contacts’ on the children menu.

You can now add a parent by clicking ‘add contact’ and completing the following information. Ensure their email address in entered and you have selected for them to receive daily reports and app access.




At this point, automatic emails are sent to the parent, this may go into their spam folder so please brief parents on this as required. One email provides them a welcome and asks them to verify their child’s details and then create a password and then directs them to download the app from the app store – another email asks them to verify their child’s details again for safeguarding purposes.


Add App Items

App items dictate what activities and food will be available to choose from within the app itself. For example, if you have a set menu, this can be added into the app, likewise, the child’s activities and any supplies you charge for can all be tailored to your setting.



You should now ensure you have downloaded Stork App from the ios or android app store. You can now sign into the app on your smartphone using the log-in details you created for the dashboard. You will now be able to provide parents with an up-to-date real-time feed of their child’s days, instant message parents.